About the Book

Softcover | 100+ pages | Color Photography


Nourish is a collection of short stories, photos and recipes submitted by 10 organizers within the Seattle community. Compiled into a beautiful coffee table book, Nourish gives the space for organizers to document moments of social organizing in Seattle through the vehicle of food. Connect with these organizers and learn more about how you can support grassroots movements in your own backyard. Throughout over 100 pages of photos, stories and recipes Nourish is sure to leave you feeling satisfied.

We offer the book on a sliding scale so you can choose the price point that makes the most sense for what you are able to give. 100% of proceeds from Nourish will be donated to Seattle organizations (including COVID-19 Mutual Aid, Nurturing Roots, Queer the Land, Got Green, and No New Washington Prisons).
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We Created this Book for the Community

We understand that long-lasting social change begins with grassroots community organizing. Nourish is a resource available to the community to learn about the organizing in Seattle and to connect with these individuals over their storytelling and food. 

We Created this Book for Organizers

The history of community organizing will be told through a revisionist lens and by those who perceived it from the outside. Mainstream documentation of community organizing in 2020 and the events which led up to it will not come from organizers. Nourish provides the platform for organizers to record their stories and lived experience to be remembered long after this year is over.