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Five UW seniors brought together by a passion for social justice

Dionica Sy


Josh Williams


Cassidy McGee


Alyssa Kearns


Sandra Li



What is Nourish?

Nourish is a hardcover book with over 100 pages and printed in color.

What is the story behind the book?

We set out at the beginning of this project with the goal of fostering stronger relationships between Seattle organizers and the Seattle community. After long discussions and brainstorming sessions we decided to pursue a book about the intersection of food and organizing. Our team recognized the inherent connection between food and community.

For stories as important as those that our organizers have shared, we wanted to provide recipes as a way for the audience to understand the organizers and better connect over the dishes which are important to them.

When can I expect the book to arrive?

We expect the book to be delivered by March 1st. While we will do our absolute best to meet this deadline, some deliveries may be delayed due to COVID-19.

Who are the 10 contributors featured in the book?

Our contributors are Nica Sy, JM Wong, Jill Mangaliman, Rell Be Free (aka Jerrell Davis), Kalayo Pestano (aka Rogue Pinay), Johnny Fikru, Evana Enabulele, and Nancy Huizar. We are proud to have a group of organizers representing organizations such as COVID 19 Mutual Aid, King County Equity Now, Decriminalize Seattle, Queer the Land, BAYAN, Got Green and more contributing to the book.

What kinds of recipes and cultures will be represented?

The recipes in Nourish are either family recipes or are tied to meaningful memories and histories in the lives of our organizers. You can expect a wide range of cultures represented, and many foods you may not have tried before. We strongly encourage you to get cooking on a rainy day and try them out! Tag us in a picture of your recreation on Instagram (@NourishBookSea) as we’d love to see what you’ve made.

Where will proceeds be donated?

We are very proud to say that 100% of proceeds from Nourish are donated back to the community. The organizers featured in our book have given us the names of the organizations in Seattle that they are a part of such as; COVID-19 Mutual Aid, Queer the Land, Nurturing Roots and ForFortyTwo. We will evenly split the proceeds when they are donated to the various organizations.

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Nourish in the News

Nourish: Seattle Organizers Document Their Histories Through Family Recipes

Andrea Pesola
December 18, 2020

Nourish is a collection of short stories, photos and recipes submitted by 10 organizers within the Seattle community. These stories are compiled into a visually appealing coffee table book, highlighting the stories of these organizers through family recipes and food.

The team behind Nourish is made up of five seniors at the University of Washington, united by their appreciation for sharing food and dedication to social justice. The five entrepreneurship students are launching the Nourish project with the support of a course offered at the Foster School of Business called Creating a Company. This course tasks students to create and run a company between Autumn and Winter Quarters. A number of successful, local businesses have been launched through Creating a Company, including Sugar + Spoon and Joe Chocolate Co.


UW students to publish cookbook celebrating community organizers

Michele Rubinstein
December 10, 2020

“Nourish” is a cookbook with a collection of recipes and various media from 10 organizers in the Seattle community. Created by a team of five UW students, “Nourish” aims to document and uplift the stories of Seattle organizers through food. According to CEO Dionica Sy, the idea for “Nourish” was developed as a project for the popular Foster School of Business entrepreneurship course “Create a Company.” “The five people on our team were kind of brought together through this class, but ultimately, through a passion for social justice and also a love of sharing food,” Sy said. “We had those ties between us that inspired the creation of something that had to do with justice and food.”